West Highland Dandelion

Develacum is a large genus of flowering plant that is native to the West Highland neighborhood of Denver. Develacum Persistinale is found as a scrapeweed throughout the neighborhood and is spreading rapidly through the entire neighborhood of West Highland (WeHi) and into the surrounding neighborhoods of Sloan Lake (SloHi), Highland (LoHi) and Berkeley (BeHi).

The Develacum species reproduces asexually (without pollination), resulting in offspring that are genetically identical. West Highland Dandelions are an important plant for West Denver real estate developers and agents, providing an important source of income.

Long considered as a nuisance to established residents, the West Highland Dandelion has proven to be a good companion plant. It has been shown to attract the empty nesters and double-income "petrosexuals" who release vast amounts of disposable income which helps nearby artisanal-liquor bars, gluten-free coffee shops, small-plate cafes and free-trade boutiques to flourish.

The residents of the neighborhood celebrate each spring with the annual West Highland Square Dandelion Street Festival. The West Highland Dandelion is the official flower of Denver's Edison Elementary School.   

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